What they don’t really tell you about prelabour…

They don’t really tell you that for all the signs of labour you can end up having everything go nowhere. Repeatedly.

They don’t tell you that for all the positive progression around your due date, it is perfectly normal to have contractions for hours that don’t progress and this will most likely happen multiple times.

They don’t really tell you that even after having given birth four times and gone into labour naturally each time you will still not be sure if this is really it or yet another false alarm (spoiler- it has always been a false alarm so far).

It is really great advice to approach a due date as a ‘circa’ time period, there is a ‘normal’ due period which spans from 38 weeks to 42 weeks but they don’t really tell you that their dates are adjusted throughout the pregnancy or that they were never adjusted for the variables of your own cycle.

They don’t really tell you what to do when you have lost your mucus plug, had a show a week later, feel nauseated and ‘had a clean out’, reached your due date and had hours of contractions each night and still no clue as to when you will be holding bub.

I am resting, pottering in the garden, watching Netflix , reading ebooks and breathing through the pain. I have been eating dates and pineapple and spicy foods, drinking raspberry leaf tea and sniffing clary sage and walking and hardly sleeping due to the surges at night… have you been through this? How did you cope?

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