The Hospital Go-bag- ROUND FIVE!

I have blogged about hospital bags before, (I think everyone has) but I let my blog lie fallow and it disappeared and now I am 34 weeks pregnant with BABY NUMBER FIVE (for Heaven’s sake- don’t we have a tv? Yes, we do but it is small and Freeview is dreadful isn’t it?) Apparently our local hospital, (currentl ythe only birth option we have in Launceston  as the private maternity unit closed and the birth centre has lost it’s midwives until next year.) want me out four hours after having bub (beds are at a premium in our regional city) so the bag is more a collection of what I feel are the absolute necessities rather than a PENULTIMATE HOSPITAL BAG LIST which tend to involve four lists bags, one for labour, one for afterwards, one for baby and one for baby daddy/birth partner. They are most excellent for Amazon affiliate links though aren’t they? I have spent a lot of time on Pinterest lately and find it all most fascinating but do so want to put my own stripped down (if somewhat prolix), slightly earthy Australian spin on the whole shebang.

So- My four hour turnaround Go Bag List

  • Maternity record & birth preferences
  • Phone charger
  • Lollies for energy ( I like Natural Confectionery Company dinosaurs-why dinosaurs- I don’t know, I am not a scientist, I just like them and they are easier to eat than other shapes and high in glucose- I am not going low carb during delivery!)
  • Coconut water for hydration-(other things are probably fine, I find I tolerate coconut water well and enjoy drinking it and don’t throw it up like I can do with plain water and cordial during labour)
  • Hairband and hair brush, lipbalm (these are essential for comfort)
  • Essential oils (not ACTUALLY essential like hairbands are)- I have used plain clary sage with good results previously, this time I have Clary Calm, Salubelle and a roller bottle of Balance. I am obsessed with Balance. in this context I mean the Doterra blend- I have tried other blends but Balance is what keeps me going back to Doterra. I am still not sold on the MLM and I certainly don’t use oils instead of conventional medicine but they are an excellent addition and very helpful in life.
  • Deodorant
  • Moisturiser
  • A pair of big daggy knickers & a soft nursing bra
  • A few maternity pads and nursing pads
  • Nighties, one sacrificial to wear during labour/delivery and one with breastfeeding access.
  • A swaddle and/or a blanket for bub
  • Two baby all in one suits
  • Sample packs of wipes
  • Samples of nappies.
  • An abdominal binder for post birth, I like the support, post birth my poor back is so unsupported by the crazy squishy tummy, also probably helpful to get the uterus to go back to normal.
  • Herbal teabags with raspberry and nettle leaves, good for iron levels and helping the uterus contract as well as milk supply.
  • Something soft and comfy to wear home, probably a nursing dress, maybe just what I wear to hospital- I don’t feel dresses get enough kudos on the comfort, ease and style stakes- they are ONE ITEM OF CLOTHING doing the heavy lifting of a whole outfit AND you can look cute with basically no effort.

Everything fits into my Hello Kitty tote bag to make things easy.

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