What Is Near as Dammit?

Me! I am near as dammit- you probably are too..

Hello, My Name is Jessie- I have been on a serious mission to carve out some happiness after many years of anxiety and terrible self esteem. I have been to some extremes with my habits and hobbies and happiness is not found there.

It seems that happiness is a complex beast, there is no magic bullet, a bit of exercise here, a touch of mindfulness there- some Yogic principles and some tasty foods that don’t cause a blood sugar crash there. There is also cake and an increasing number of children (A newborn girl, Miss Boo is 3, Master Button is an active 7 and Master Bean is our 9 year old Professor – well I am sure he will be one soon!) being odd little individuals.

I think cake and children are essential for happiness, don’t you? Also swearing. Swearing is the shit isn’t it?

I might possibly be PR friendly if you have something that would be congruent with the blog and family and a kind of crunchy mama that loves chocolate, empowerment and body positivity. *Ahem*

Postal address for enquiries is  c/ 92 Smith St Southport Qld 4215!

if you want you can contact me through here!

So many exclamation marks!


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