I am near as dammit, well sometimes. Sometimes it’s chaos around here but mostly we are trying to wring the love, joy and common sense out of everything-one step at a time by trying things, moving ahead in the face of less than perfection.

I am a mother of four, (very soon to be five) and I have blogged since 2009 although I took a sabbatical of two years whilst I moved back to Tasmania and bought a business with my beloved.

We live a slightly off kilter life in an (oft mistaken for abandoned) two storey Victorian Italianate town  house in Tasmania which was in need of renovation for years before we finally realised our  dream of owning and haven’t quite found the energy and time to renovate yet what with revolutionising our business, raising four neurologically atypical children, chickens to feed, apple trees to plant and a very weedy back yard to try to coax food out of.

In between I frantically pin things on Pinterest, love using herbs and essential oils with a healthy dose of cynicism, try to remember to breathe and forget how to do anything with my hair except ponytails.

We love old and quirky things and have an overblown romantic respect for all things Victorian, Enid Blyton-esque and a totally unfair idealisation of Little House on the Prairie, particularly unfair given the fact we live walking distance to the cbd.

I think Tasmania is beautiful and peculiar, nature is wonderful, children are a very tiring blessing and compassion needs to be more prevalent.

I hope you stop by and read my ramblings because that would be simply topping!