How to Change the World. how to change the world

You know what is exciting these days? The rapid rise of conscious consumption and consumables with a conscience. You know what I am talking about, renewable resources, eco-friendly, every day products that you need to buy that benefit people and causes in need of funds and exposure.
Sure there is bound to be an element of green washing etc but I am generally happy that corporations now think this is a good way to get people to buy things, because if being eco-friendly or socially responsible is a good way to sell things then the world has come a long way, hasn’t it?
Even Kmart is stocking gorgeous looking little bamboo based scrubbing brushes and they have to be one of the key producers of landfill consumables for Australians!
I have recently switched to Thankyou nappies. I was previously buying store brand nappies- (reusable are wonderful for some people but the compromises I would have to make to fit into our lifestyle are too big an ask. if they are good for you that is wonderful!) I have been looking for an alternative nappy but discovered that biodegradable ones don’t tend to biodegrade in landfill. I tried Thankyou nappies because they weren’t much dearer than my usual but benefited maternal health programs, have funky designs and use less wood pulp. I they work so well for my bub that we use less nappies and she doesn’t rash whilst wearing them. Inside is a gorgeous little poster and info about their online community AND they sell reusable nappies too. Convenient, healthful, easy to find in the supermarket, funky patterns, supportive and resulting in less waste? There is basically nothing I don’t love.
Speaking of supermarkets, (and Kmart!) isn’t it great to see “rubbish free” alternatives, funky lunchboxes and reusable water bottles becoming the norm? These days it is affordable for most people buying from chain shops. Of course some are almost status symbols and quite frankly- no matter how middle class this sounds I am behind it 100%. Think of all the rubbish that hasn’t been created, bought, thrown away and littered the planet. I would much rather people think that reusable containers are a status symbol than games consoles. (Yes, I am THAT (gender neutral) guy!
Aldi now stocks cheap eco-friendly household cleaning supplies and petrochemical-free toiletries, eco bags are no longer a weird way to carry your purchases.
Farmer’s markets, local food, seasonal eating have moved from being viewed as indulgent wankery into their rightful place of being so normal that supermarkets have cottoned on to it as a marketing plan.
Coffee is now organic and fairtrade, chocolate is making changes.
Fairtrade fashion is actually nice now and second hand is ” vintage”, not second best.
Social accountability as a buzzword that major companies are cottoning onto in a big (most likely cynical) way but still, it is there!

Schools have nude food, kitchen garden programs, eco-challenges, buddy benches, mental health initiatives. What wonderful valuesto raise our children with!
I see changes in social media too, people are more interested in building people up and having frank discussions than arguing (I DON’T READ THE COMMENTS so I don’t see that small, divisive but loud and angry minority spewing hate across the world wide web). Marketing is starting to focus on what you can gain rather than what you lose personal observation rather than statistically supported fact) and there is a great culture of empowerment being built up around us.

When I see people being called out for being nasty in a calm and rational manner and support for this I smile big happy smiles. People are showing that overall, they are good sorts with more in common than mainstream media would like you to believe.
How wonderful that we can change the world for the better by just having a little bit of a think before we post or buy. How wonderful that is is easier to do so now, without falling into an anxious heap (falling into an anxious heap about whether or not your every action is saving the world is NOT something I recommend, by the way)
It is so easy to make small changes these days. What do you do to save the world and make the place nicer in a tiny way? I am so impressed by all you people!


  1. hugzillablog says:

    I am a big fan of buying second hand, and I see that as my way to try and reduce landfill. It’s rare for me to buy clothing, furniture or homewares new from a retailer. I love second hand things from Gumtree, eBay and op shops.

    • Jessie says:

      This is fucking tops.I am obsessed with buying secondhand. I also love hard rubbish and free things, this week has been a good week for trash picking. I pretty much refuse to buy anything new if I can get it secondhand.

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