Coconut (Probiotic) Jellies for Gut Health

Oh HEY THERE! My blog disappeared because I forgot to renew my domain BUT I STILL HAD TWO MORE YEARS OF HOSTING. I did consider leaving it but TWO YEARS OF HOSTING so here I am again, there will be a few shifts in direction as I write the sort of blog I want to read instead of the one I think other people want. We all do this I suppose, lose ourselves and meander about a bit and then have an emotional crisis and return to ourselves. AUTHENTICALLY and that sort of shit. So here I am writing a weird recipe I was asked for on Instagram.
I am trying all KINDS of new foods in an effort to get my crazy stressed out hormonally whacky/who-the-fuck-knows digestion sorted.
I have a NASTY suspicion that I am exhibiting lactose intolerance symptoms which I am just covering my ears about and going lalala for now, BUT! I am incorporating more gelatine into my diet with lovely jelly sort of things.
I am using Great Lakes in the red can.
This recipe is nice because not to sweet but just treaty enough. it reminds me of the coconut jelly you can get at Yum Cha (how I miss Yum Cha) but that is made with agar agar. It is dairy, grain, gluten, refined sugar free, you can add probiotic powder (although these tend to be dairy based) or if you wanted you could go agar agar with maple syrup instead of honey which would taste really good but not have the whole gut heath thing going on.
I like the way it separates into layers (note to self- make one of those impossible custard cakes which separate into layers ASAP).
You must let the gelatin bloom in some room temp water before you add to hot liquids or the proteins coagulate into clumps which is an altogether undesirable thing.
2 tablespoons of gelatin (grass fed please)
2 teaspoons of honey.
1/2 a cup of water
mix and let the gelatin bloom whilst you:
heat half a can of coconut cream (if you can, use organic because it is a better way of growing food).
add the bloomed gelatin mix to just below bubbling coconut cream and whisk with a wire whisk until smooth. whisk in a teaspoon of vanilla extract. *optional, 1/2 a teaspoon of probiotic powder added here.
Pour into a little enamel dish or glass to set, cut into squares, admire the layers, chew thoughtfully or if you are like my 8 month old daughter you can delightedly squish betwixt your fingers for a sensory experience!.

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