Sinchies Reusable Lunch Pouches

Who doesn’t get all excited over reusable lunch wrappings?

I love them, I love them to bits, compartment lunchboxes, fabric pouches and wraps, reusable squeezy pouches. They tick all the boxes for me.

Little people’s lunches create so much waste! This makes me sad.

Our Yumbox does a good job but sometimes the kids want a wrap or a sandwich and the Yumbox compartments don’t handle that. Enter Sinchies reusable sandwich and wrap bags.

Already a fan of the squeezy pouches (big Hey Oh! to them during this messy period of starting our bub on solids. Life saver) we jumped at the chance to review the sandwich, snack and wrap zip bags.

Durable and easy to seal with tabs to pull the seal apart on the sandwich bag they fit into the niche of the throw away Ziploc bag nicely. I used to wash and dry my Ziploc bags (a la the Tightwad gazette which was a Newsletter written in the 1990’s about frugality- written on paper!- I have the collection in book form- I adore it!) but they aren’t exactly tough and they are a pain to dry well. The Sinchies pouches have none of these issues, they are easy to clean with no corners and stiff enough to stand upside down in the drainer to dry after washing. My sons (seven and nine) had no issue giving them a wash out with a bottle brush (I got mine from Sinchies years ago when I bought my squeezy pouches) and popping them in the drainer.

I have only had mine for a few weeks but I still have my original squeezy pouches from about 4 years ago so I have no doubt as to their durability, the sandwich and wrap bags are tough and easy to use and fit right in with any lunchbox, a great way to save money and prevent unnecessary waste.

Anyway. I love the, I am even keeping a snack bag full of baby wipes in my handbag instead of buying travel wipes. So many uses!

Check out the range, Sam’s website * is excellent and there are so many ideas and so much support to get you started on your reusable lunch wrapper journey (Wait, is that a thing? I feel like that isn’t a thing…).



*not used to doing disclaimers, I received these pouches for review and I became an affiliate as I already loved other Sinchies products and tell people about the benefits all the time. Don’t invite me to dinner parties unless you want to be told about lunch wrappers, baby wearing, essential oils or the model differences in the 986 and 996 Porsche offerings!






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