Sleep Deprivation, The Fun Never Stops!

Have you been following the #Uselessblogger movement? You should. It is good, scope the hashtag.
it is about blogging to share and connect, not to be a Really Useful Blogger. We have it drummed into us we need to write content with SEO and being Useful with 10 top tips for Everything or people won’t care. Well, I care and I love to read personal posts, it makes me feel connected to you. Keep writing posts that are not Really Useful. Because they are, really.
This post feels a bit useless… I am finding words hard. I keep using wrong ones in wrong orders.
Bub is just gone 5 months old at the moment. She keeps trying to steal my food so she is playing with eating solids. I am
She seems to need constant stimulation and connection. I mean CONSTANT. She wants to be learning, trying, watching, eating, cuddling, playing ALL THE TIME. Which is of course a wonderful gorgeous thing and something that shows how strong, connected and intelligent she is and is completely exhausting.
I have been up lugging furniture around, dropping dollhouse on my toes and attempting to communicate using words my fellow humans may understand but really my sleep deprivation has jumped the shark and I have caught myself saying sentences like “And I dunno, fuck, you know the shit and shit, fuck.” in a resigned tone. This particular sentence means I want a cup of tea. I am moving things around to try to get bub to sleep in her own room. Well, her sister’s room. The point is, not my room. She comfort feeds ALL NIGHT ( but doesn’t actually drink much milk)and I can’t take it anymore.
I bought chocolate today to make chocolate chip cookies but it has a cherry coconut filling and I just didn’t notice and now I am going to palm it off as some new taste sensation. the kids will totally go for it, right?
Earlier today a chicken ran up stairs and was in our bedrooms. Because of course it did.
That is just the sort of thing that happens at times like this!
I put her down for a nap in the bassinet in her new room and she did nap for about 20 minutes but she is awake and furious again.
You have to have a sense of humour.
And exercise.
And a place to vent.

And to get that fucking chicken out of the bedroom.
Thank you for listening.
I suppose this post isn’t useless after all.
If you are going through the same thing I am at the moment, know this, we will get through it and sleep deprivation sucks balls and shit.
Solidarity, sister.


  1. Maxabella says:

    Yep, the fucking chicken needs to get out of the bedroom. I found it was the only way to even make an attempt at a restful night. Mind you, I moved my boy and then I slept in his nursery with him for an eon… I’m hopeless! I hope you get some rest soon. It’s so hard when they decide the boob is their lovey.

    I quite like that cherry chocolate of which you speak. It’s a very good accidental buy. x

    • Jessie says:

      Three nights in! The first was hell but two nights of only waking up for feeds ONCE! Glad this is working as things are tough in other areas at the moment! Thank you for checking up on me.

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