Watch your Language!



Do you have a message that you don’t want heard, one you have no intention of people listening to? One about how vaccinating our kids saves lives or followers of Islam have a right to exist (for example)? Maybe you would like to world to be vegan or think we shouldn’t eat grains? Maybe you think that eating Paleo is wrong? Maybe you want to spread the word that being fat doesn’t automatically make people unfit and unhealthy or you want people to understand the earth isn’t flat?

OK, Good.

I can give you a one hundred percent success rate in failing to win people over. It is really simple.

Laugh at those who don’t share your opinion, call them idiots. Swear at them online. Belittle them at tell them how stupid they are. Say, “It’s science you dumbfuck” tell them they are gullible and part of a cult. Smugly talk about how you know better. Don’t, under any circumstances treat people with the opposing opinion with any respect and patiently find solid impartial support for your stance.

To solidify this maybe use some lazy stereotypes about people you want to change their minds. Here are some to get started with; feminists are manhaters, co-sleeping babywearing yoga doing mothers don’t vaccinate, homeschooled kids don’t socialise, entrepreneurs are egomaniancs, property investors are capitalist scum who hate people, unemployed people are on drugs and people with no front teeth are racists…

Believe wholeheartedly that yours is the universal experience.

But seriously, is it any wonder that people like David Wolfe are gaining traction? When the “other side” are full of negativity, can’t do, belittling and rage?

I know that if I open my computer to a screen of negativity, belittling and rage I gravitate towards a gentler message, a more positive message. Memes telling me that I can do it, thoughtfully arranged rainbows etc. Not David Wolfe, he is a message stealing *deleted for good taste*.

If you are serious about your message remember that humans are the ones receiving it, remember –no-one likes to be made to feel stupid or attacked. That we do our best work when we work together.

If you use attacking or divisive language don’t be surprised when people don’t adopt your stance.

They are over here with their yoga and feel good memes and essential oils and other touchy feely stuff that brings a smile.

Is it any wonder?

Why not elevate and educate instead?

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