Getting Shit Done

Get Shit Done

I am trying something new. I am trying to be organised. I have a diary with goal setting and stuff in it. It says “Get Shit Done” and I am scheduling things like my son’s reading group and run club and mum and bubs Yoga, making time to study and having a to-do list.

You know, getting shit done.

It is a new thing for me to be organised. I went hard at it on Monday. I got my to-do list done. I used my Pomodoro app (have you seen them? it is basically a kitchen timer on your phone, work for 25 minutes, have a 5 minute break) I kept working through the breaks accidentally and by 2pm I was frazzled.

This being organised thing is a work in progress. I need to practice balance.

Yesterday I saw my son being attacked and retaliating in self-defense at school pickup. I was already furious but he has now been suspended due to a “zero tolerance” policy the school has, if you defend yourself you are suspended. Great victim blaming, educators of my young. Obviously I went through the fury and am now in that calm place where you just go in like steam train and don’t give up.Having already lodged a complaint with the police I am trying to get some sense out of the Department of Education and starting a submission to the Education Minister. Oh, and I have written about my experience for a national parenting website.
My son loves school and being unconcerned with the petty matters of his fellow humans (except when they restrain and punch him- admittedly this has only happened the once), announced that no-one at school had told him he was suspended and wanted to go to school anyway.

So we sent him. He has a right to his education and we have a legal obligation to give him one too.

The school doesn’t know what to do with him now but I sincerely hope they re-examine the way they are treating victims of violent attacks. Time will tell.

In the mean time my to-do list might be changing.
I am going all hippy dippy and looking for signs from the universe about what to do with myself. I found a spare patch of ground and some tomato plants growing in our bare, gravelled yard so now I am starting a vegie patch and this pleases me immeasurably. Much more than sports cars do. my fridge broke a week ago and I was just pleased it happened after the garden idea formed as I could compost the vegies that went mouldy. We fixed the fridge ourselves which also pleased me.
I had a post go a bit viral a little while ago and this pleased me but none of this was on my to-do list.

I am getting shit done but it wasn’t the shit I planned on!

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  1. castironbalcony says:

    Can we have a link to the article you wrote? I hope son had an OK day the day he went back when he was supposed to be suspended. It made me flash back to my primary school which was chockablock with goody-two-shoes compliance addict schoolkids who, in that situation, would be saying stuff like “Ummmmm AAAH you weren’t SUPPOSED to come to school and you DID ANYWAY Ummmmm AHHHHHHH” etc. Hope his cohort isn’t like that. I think that kind of behaviour scarred me as much as bullying.

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