What I Wish You had Given Me When my Baby was Born

My beautiful 4th baby has just turned 12 weeks.

She is in the midst of a wonder week and has really brought her a game with new skillz, and has baby conversations with her siblings and is working on rolling and sitting.

Totally cute. Seriously. It is hard to get shit done as I try to do something then BAM! baby smile and all focus is lost.

Anyhoo, all this turning 12 weeks thing had me musing on the end of the much talked about “4th trimester” and the things that made life easier, just so…. you know, if I ever have another baby (nope.), you know what to buy me!

Actually it is just because I can’t write a generic “what to give the parents of a newborn” list because so many things wouldn’t work with me and mine. For example, there would be no point in coming around with a lovely home-cooked meal as due to to the mishmash of sensory issues, vegetarianism and grain/bean/everything under the fucking sun intolerances and a 3 year old in the family, the chances of your efforts being eaten are slim to none. I am sorry. The flipside of us being an unbelievably cool family is that we are extremely difficult to feed!

*SIGH* I hope we aren’t the only ones out there!

It’s not that we are ungrateful, we are really really grateful of any help or support and the thought but the traditional newborn offerings don’t do us much good so I have compiled a list of adaptable, alternative gifts that will suit even the worst pain in the arse family like us!

1.A subscription box. I love Goodness Me box which has lovely health foodie bits and pieces and discounts in it but there are plenty out there. if paying for a 3 or 6 month subscription doesn’t suit there are other one off boxes full of stuff just for nursing mothers etc. like the Bump Box. If you are super amazing you could assemble one of these yourself. This is getting complicated.

2. Fruit and veg box delivery. Seriously our fruit and veg guy is treated like a demi-god here. Having enough fresh produce for a healthy family can be a real stress and you cannot believe how much you do not want to go to the local farmer’s market at 6am after a night of broken sleep and drowning in breast milk. Unfortunately supermarket offerings rarely make the grade to be called fresh. the last fruit and veg I got from the supermarket looked like it had been in cold storage in the tomb of King Rameses. lots of places have delivery options these days so if you can swing a big box of fresh produce (with lots of fruit for easy healthy snacks) you are onto a pretty safe bet. I use Fruit and Vegies on the Move here on the Gold Coast. Arlene has some amazing offerings including ready prepped veg, muesli, wonderful honey and coconut oil. The produce is really fresh and there is flexibility to suit us with the choice too but most of the decisions are made for me.

3.A slightly more economical offering but one that packs a huge punch for breastfeeding mothers is Halva. I have Only just discovered the benefits of halva and wondered why I hadn’t eaten it all the other times I was nursing! if you haven’t encountered it before halva is a middle eastern sweet made from sesame seeds (and, let’s face it- sugar) it is a sort of a paste crossed with a fudge and it tastes AMAZING. not only is it a great alternative to chocolate as a sweet treat but the sesame seeds are full of calcium and protein and minerals etc and being high in energy it is really the perfect treat for a breastfeeding mother. SO MUCH MILK THOUGH. so if you have too much milk and want to eat halva consider if you like donating milk! buy me Halva please.

4. Entertainment: An Itunes card, a Google Chromecast. Think of ways to enable Netflix (hold the Chill, there has been quite enough of that for now) style entertainment basically. Free to air is crap. When I was up feeding my eldest son digital TV was ony just starting to be a thing and I would watch a channel that only showed a slide show of post offices around Australia. This was still better than most things on free to air currently.

5. Fancy teas; a luxurious treat but not full of non-nutritious calories, a great way to keep fluids up without beer and you can even get super fancy blends that are good for breast milk production (or nettle, red raspberry and fennel are good but not exactly indulgent with a sort of swampy set of tastes). A cliched bastion of ‘Me-Time” which even a secented candle can’t top, herbal and fruit tea blends are an excellent little gift for mothers of newborns. A friend gave me some Higher Living teas and a block of dark chocolate “Because new mothers need tea and chocolate.” Yes. We do. Even once we have many children. (Maybe even more then!)

What slightly left-of-centre gift would you have loved to have received when you had a newborn or what have you given yourself that you wouldn’t have been able to live without?


Note: this post is fueled  purely by enthusiasm and slightly too  much coffee (not sponsorship), I didn’t receive any sort of gift or consideration for including anything on the list! Just so as there is no confusion.



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