I Like to read your Facebook statuses.

I like reading your Facebook statuses
I really do.

I don’t find them “annoying” or “insufferable”.
Because I am interested in you as a person.
I like to cheer virtually when your messy divorce is finalised.

Gloat with you when your baking has been particularly successful.

I love to see how excited you are to purchase your new home or receive your degree, or choose your degree!

Your dog is cute, your cat is crazy and your kids are both!

Humble brag or straight out brag about your new book deal, Ferrari or high distinction, do it!

I love to hear of other people’s achievements, it inspires and motivates me!

Tell me about the struggles you are having parenting, the Facebook hive mind is a great resource to use for help and commiserations.
Share the beauty of the world, big and small as you experience it. Share your running and weight lifting PBs- I think it is wonderful you have found a passion that makes you feel good and healthy.

You are not a brand.
You are a person.
You do not exist purely for other people’s entertainment.

We are all better off without social media “friends” who find actual updates about people’s lives “annoying”.
They seem to have missed the point of social media.
It’s about people, people.
That’s all that matters.


  1. Tegan says:

    Ohh I love this! I admit I do get annoyed with some people’s updates but I would never tell them that. I’ve never really understood people who feel the need to police other people’s updates. Unless what they have posted could get them into legal trouble, they can post whatever they like. If I really don’t like it then I’ll unfriend or unfollow.

  2. Katie says:

    I agree Jessie – what is the point of sharng if you don’t share and just be open and honest? Great post!

    • Jessie says:

      Maybe I just have the right friends? I don’t view my friends posts as being narcissistic, some is definitely marketing but given the large number of bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists and published writers on my Facebook friends list I think this is reasonable. Yes I just bragged about the quality of my FB friends and I am not sorry! He he he 😛

  3. Eva @ The Multitasking Woman says:

    So true! I remember having a Facebook friend openly state on her account ‘I’m sick of seeing everyone’s baby posts.’ I was one of those people, I had a little baby and shared the odd photo. Suffice to say, I unfriended that person.

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