Inside Out on Body Image and a Review

As I may have mentioned eleventy zillion times I have birthed children. lots of them (OK,  four but it seems like 8 million sometimes) using my body. It is a kind of irony that it is only once I have reached my mid-thirties and bear the marks of four children that I have developed the respect I always should have had for my body.

Like so many women (and sadly increasing numbers of young men) I spent my teens and early adult-hood almost convinced that not only was my body kind of gross and definitely not good enough (hello and thanks glossy magazines and snide comments of insecure adults as well as being involved in acting!) but my whole self-worth as a young woman was absolutely based on my appearance. Specifically I was TOO FAT.

The little comments:

“Oh you aren’t grossly fat, just a bit overweight”

“Oh you look so good now you have lost a bit of weight”

“Don’t lose too much weight now, you will get too skinny.”

“You are too obsessed with food”

“You are obsessed with exercise”

“Your exercise makes you look great”

“Just a few more kilos and you will be there.”

“I am sooo fat and disgusting.”

I have had some terrible self esteem and some pretty off body dysmorphia as well as some disordered eating, a bit of bulimia as a teen, calorie restriction, weighing food and obsessing about macro nutrients when I was into body building and then super-foods, I have been vegan, vegetarian, low-carb, grain-free, wheat-free (the last couple because I had bad digestive problems…which seem to be linked to stress and anxiety…)

It is fair to say that I have had a tumultuous relationship with my own body and the way I care for it.

These days I am much more moderate, I don’t have the digestive issues (or skin inflammation or scalp/hair problems) since I moved to Queensland (I am tipping the water or sunshine for this maybe- not sure), exercise is for well-being and food is for enjoyment and nourishment. Since bub was born I instinctively gravitate towards unprocessed foods and high nutrient values but not because I am trying to lose weight or feel guilty about food. I have gained and lost 26 kilos with each baby (well I haven’t lost it YET being only a couple of weeks since last bub) , always 26 kg…and this has taught me that a war on my body for being other than what I desire it to be is not only pointless but disrespectful of this amazing, strong creation that stood by me when I partied too hard or starved it or stared at it in hatred and has carried and nourished my four children!

Also I have a butt that won’t quit so that is pretty good too. Gotta love some junk in tha trunk!

But it has taken me a long time to get here, it has been an upward battle and one of the key things is having a partner who is most appreciative of my “flaws” and in fact thinks that they are amazing and interesting and treats me like a Goddess, as well as removing people who made me feel otherwise from my life.

I wish it had been easier, faster, I wish I had found acceptance sooner.

This is why I was so delighted to find out about Anastasia Amour’s new book “Inside Out”.


Anastasia knows herself the pain of disordered eating and poor self image as well as feeling that he whole worth is tied to appearance and weight.  you also will notice she is gorgeous so this is a good lesson for you all, eating disorders and body dysmorphia are not restricted to the realm of obese and unattractive. It can be worse for attractive people as they feel that more of their identity/self worth is tied to their appearance. her determination to overcome this and her resultant passion for mental health has lead Anastasia to release her first self help book “inside out” which is a step by step guide to overcoming body image issues. More specifically it is a 14 day guide to shed excess  negativity. the 14 days has been chosen based on concepts taken from cognitive behaviour therapy which is a very practical approach to changing habits and habitual thoughts.

The great thing about this book is it is personal, it has achievable tasks and the steps are specific. you aren’t left on your own to battle the problem.

I highly recommend her approach and think it is a great thing to do for yourself if you have ever felt your worth was tied up in your appearance or size and treated yourself badly because of it.

The gentle but straight talking book is a fantastic way to start killing off the negative self talk that hold so many of us back.

seriously, get amongst it. Also check out her social media accounts- they are a great boost throughout the day and keep things delightfully real.

I have a super special VIP 15% off code for readers who want to purchase a copy of Inside Out, just use NEAR15 when you purchase from

Here’s some more about the woman herself!

Since launching in early 2014, Anastasia Amour has taught thousands of women across the world how to embrace Fearless Body Confidence. Dubbed by her readers as “a force to be reckoned with”, “truly transformative”, “a positivity powerhouse” and “the only positive body image guru you’ll ever need”, Anastasia’s unique brand of positivity and no-nonsense, hard-hitting advice has seen her quickly gain notoriety as a body image authority. From Perth in Western Australia, Anastasia is the creator of #ProjectPositive, a social media movement that teaches women how to stamp out self-inflicted negativity and embrace imperfection throughout their lives. Her writing has been featured in Wild Sister Magazine, Metior Magazine and SPROUT Magazine. Anastasia can also be found writing monthly on A Little Opulent and has a fortnightly advice column on eHarmony Australia.Based on Anastasia’s personal experience in successfully conquering an eating disorder, surviving emotional abuse and learning to love who she is (flaws, vulnerabilities and all), her debut title, Inside Out takes readers through an empowering 14-day journey that will see them undergo a radical change from within. Tackling the tough and seldom discussed topics of negative thought patterns, food relationships and toxic influences, Inside Out is the handbook for every woman who craves Fearless Body Confidence and wants to not only accept, but totally love her body throughout all stages of her life. You can connect with Anastasia at, on social media or contact her direct via email on






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