I guess this post is about what I have packed in my Hospital bag for birth

I was awake most of the night, I nearly got up to write this post which seemed like the writing/self expression version of throwing a plate of food up against a wall and seeing what stuck. I am pregnant. VERY pregnant. Like, 33 weeks pregnant (not that you can be a little bit pregnant) I have put everything not strictly necessary on the back burner and am dealing with weird heavily pregnant symptoms and trying to move interstate before baby comes. Goddamn it I WILL move interstate before baby comes. everything is fine but my insomnia is bad, I am throwing up occasionally,  my water retention has kicked in big time and I am having wacky dreams about breastfeeding. I have a pain in my left breast and the milk is starting to come in and I realised on the weekend I haven’t done anything to organise myself for a new baby (I have also given away all my teeny baby clothes) so I have packed my bag.

I have been lurking on Pinterest reading hospital bag lists but considering that I have only spent a maximum of one night in hospital and plan to only spend a couple of hours in this time I am not packing 3 different bags including a meal and change of clothes for my beloved husband.

I have tried to find a balance between too much and too little and being 4th baby I think I should have it down pat (you wouldn’t believe how many things I have had to Google this pregnancy- I should know what I am doing considering I have given birth more times than most self professed experts!)Heres what I have packed (for labour and early discharge)

Labour and Early Discharge bag:

For me:

Coconut water. It is the shit in labour, it is hydrating and has some sugar without being too sweet. I used it last time and I was pleased.

Jelly snakes, for energy or something. I just like them, OK. they often get eaten prior to labour and I need to buy a replacement pack.

Simple toiletries: small hairbrush, hairbands, face spray, lipbalm, bb cream, cleansing wipes, deodorant.

Soft dress that allows access for breastfeeding, comfy to nap in and good enough to go home in.

Foldable silver ballet flats, I don’t do slippers!

A belly wrap, I used SRC recovery shorts last time and they helped with support but they cover you from under breast to knee which is too much for me- I also sold them online after Miss Boo (now 3) was born. I find that some abdominal support really helps when there is none naturally. This time I have Vespa and the Ladybird belly wrap (also much more affordable).

Nursing cami.big old knickers, long pads, a couple of pairs of washable breast pads from my stash just in case.

Probably a charger for the phone.

For baby:

Two body suits size 0000

Two singlets size 0000

A muslin square,

A receiving blanket.

6 sample new born nappies, the sample wipes I have accumulated.

I will pack my maternity record in my handbag which will have my phone, wallet etc.  I will probably be wearing something comfortable and unflattering like yoga pants and a mumu and my tens machine when I rock up to the hospital.

I won’t wash bubs whilst I am there and I won’t be washing and styling my hair, I will breast feed lying down and use their birth balls so I won’t need bulky things like breastfeeding pillows, balls and most perplexingly a car seat which I see featured on other people’s lists. My car seat will be installed! I think it might be an overseas thing where you have to put a baby in capsule to leave hospital but I am not sure.

I think I have bases covered.

What did you pack? How much did you use? How many weeks were you when you packed?



  1. Melanie says:

    I finished packing my bag at 36+6, while in pretty advanced labor! I didn’t know it at the time being my first but he was well on his way. I packed the bag about 7am, arrived at hospital about 7:30 and had him at 7:54!

    I just packed the basics, babygros/vests, hat, nappies. Toiletries, nighty and a change of clothes for me.

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