Life is in the Way.

Life does that doesn’t it? It gets in the way of good intentions, of schedules of dreaming big, getting a six-pack and writing novels.

My life is definitely in the way at present, I have hit the 3rd trimester of pregnancy with insomnia and night-time bladders getting in the way of a good sleep, I am constantly amazed how different each pregnancy is. This one has heavily featured an irritable uterus (hooray for organs expressing emotions, hey?) which is settling down but has stopped me from being as active as I would like, the irritable uterus and extreme cold of the Winter are not conducive to a regular prenatal yoga practice and of course there is nowhere but home to do the practice- we don’t have a teacher in Launceston anymore. I am doing a lot of squats when I remember…squats are the best exercise of any kind, ever.

As well as this I have been working hard on our interstate move which is becoming a lot more appealing as I watch the sunny days with warm temperatures through social media and weather apps. Meanwhile the weather is still cold and gloomy in Launceston. Trying to find moving company that will quote (only two replies out of 6 requests so far) and a source of moving cartons in Launceston is also proving difficult!

I managed to submit some more assessment for my course too (competent- YES- slowly working my way towards my diploma in amongst everything else!)

Setting up the website and social media accounts for our new business has been bubbling away too, putting the house on the market and parenting means that blogging has been mostly in my head. I have been reading some fab self-help e-books though and will be reviewing them soon- I might need an e-reader if this keeps up!

It would have been great to get to the Gold Coast in time to go to Pro-Blogger but I shall just be deeply envious here as I pack and sort things in the cold…I hope it is on the coast next year!

Do you find life “getting in the way” of your plans?

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