My Part of the World; East Devonport

I feel like I almost shouldn’t share this, you know when you have something wonderful and a bit secret and you want to tell everyone but also don’t want everyone to have the thing?

Yeah, well that is how I feel about East Devonport.

Located on the port side of Devonport in the Central North Coast of Tasmania it is a perfect family friendly gem of a place, I should know- we make the hour long (each way) pilgrimage from Launceston nearly every weekend we love it so much!

East Devonport itself is considered a bit down at heel, property is cheap and the infrastructure differs from the main city but it is even more wonderful to explore the less obvious places- don’t you think?

The things that make East Devonport a hidden gem for little people are so delightfully simple.

There is a beach that changes dramatically with the weather and the tide, abounding with treasures to collect. small pink shells, driftwood, smooth shiny pebbles. There are tiny crabs scuttling underneath rocks to find and delight in their sudden movements and an array of different sea stars sitting silently in rock pools.

There is sand to dig and shallow water to paddle and long stretches of beach to explore. Last time we were there it was too cold and wild and windy for much beach action so they climbed a tree!

What a wonderful thing it is to see your kids rampaging around a beach, exploring and wondering at nature!

We also visit the delightfully welcoming and quirky Rectory Cafe at 71 Wright St. It is at the roundabout near where passengers disembark from the Spirit of Tasmania and distinctive in that it is a large salmon coloured rustic Victorian Gothic former rectory formerly known as “The gingerbread house” the courtyards and cottage gardens make a picturesque setting in warmer weather for enjoying the cafes offerings and in winter the retro and mismatched decor and roaring fires make for a cosy lunch. We always sit in a separate room with a suit of armour and medieval style furniture which also keeps our loud boisterous happenings out of other people’s hair!

Chips are great, the Monk’s Pizza (garlic and cheese) is a huge hit with our littlies but there is a great kid’s menu too and I am a fan of the lamb souvlaki, the beef massaman curry and the current soup of wildly delicious rustic ham hock and vegetable soup served with slabs of white toast with unsalted butter. (Oh great, now I am hungry -but the slow cooker is on at home busy working on a replica of it as we speak- I LOVE it!).

If you visit do have a chat to the cat who likes to sit under the tap outside and drink from it if he can persuade you to turn it on!

Just down the road from the Rectory cafe, past the supermarket that still has a 20c gumball machine you find a great nautical themed park with a sprung dingy and pirate ship shaped playground- the imaginations fire and there are always little people to make friends with on every visit- just right for burning off pizzas and gumballs for the drive back to Launceston.

Do you have a favourite family friendly spot you drive to regularly? What makes it your favourite?



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