Parenting Andy Pipkin or The Gentle Art of Negotiating with a Two Year Old

Do you know Andy Pipkin?

(If you don’t, you need to go Youtube that shit right away!)

He is a character on Little Britain. Along with his incredibly patient carer Lou they are some of my favourite moments on the show and since our two-year old became well… two, I think I can see why.

Is this scenario familiar?:

“I want some juice, I want tha’ one”

“Are you sure? Last time you had that juice you yelled at me because it was too sweet and refused to drink it.”

“Yeah, I know, I want tha’ one”

“But you said last time you drank it that the juice was stupid and you wanted to have a banana instead, do you want a banana now?”

“yeah I know, I don’t want a banana I want this juice.”

“OK, here you go here’s the juice.”

“This juice is too sweet, I want a banana.”

“Mummy I want an apple please”

“Here you go.”

*takes three bites*

“I don’t want this apple, put it in the bin.”

“How about I hold onto it just in case you want it later.”

“No, put it in the bin.”

*a few minutes later when she is in her car seat.*

“I want an apple.”

(luckily I have the previously rejected apple in the cup holder…somehow I saw this coming.)

At least she follows an easy and predictable pattern with it.

This can work to our advantage but you still have to go through all the motions. I guess it is a developmental stage- I have seen patterns in behaviour of a similar type with our boys.

Do you have a two-year old who does this too?


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