Fruition, or something like it.

I have tried to write this one a couple of times but it turns into way too much detail and not what I want to be saying. Here’s the thing, I have been working hard at our dreams coming true and despite our own best efforts to derail ourselves (you know when you go off on a completely different path to what you say you wanted but then the universe or something stops you from getting that thing? Well, that!) and after what seems like forever and also a large chunk of not even feeling slightly up to it things are happening. Really happening- like, moving interstate and opening a new business and having a new baby all within a few months happening!

Full disclosure: we tried to buy no less than TWO properties that were absolutely nothing to do with achieving our short-term goals- we came very close to running away to the country to grow vegetables instead but cantankerous vendors put paid to BOTH of these so despite both seeming to be what we really wanted at the time it turns out to be a really good thing that we didn’t get what we wanted there!

I didn’t think the moving/business part of our dreams and plans would happen this year yet we kept telling ourselves that when we felt up to it, when we were ready and could move on our plans the right opportunity would appear. We had to wait for Mercury to stop being all retrograde and shit* and then BAM! Within a week I had found the place, whisked it away from another buyer and have a solid plan for getting our arses up north. We weren’t ready, we really weren’t for most of the year and within days of verbalising that we were our plans we coming to fruition. It feels like equal parts the Universe looking after us and working our bums off towards a goal. Having faith that things would happen we it was right kept us out of drowning in despondency- even when we didn’t feel up to grabbing the dream with both hands we had a strong belief that we would get there. Eventually. looking back on our progress I think we are probably a bit impatient, it has only been six months!

We are off to make our fortunes (and get back together with family and friends in a wonderful bonus!) and then re-establish ourselves in Tasmania

So I am pretty happy with this but last week was a week of wins, I worked hard and luck looked after me as well with circumstance and hard work bringing several things to a satisfactory conclusion.  I AM REALLY EXCITED HERE, PEOPLE!!!!

Call me lucky or call me Pollyanna, I really believe that trusting that things will be OK, that you will get through the hard times and working towards a goal will get you there if you really want it and it is right for you.

Have you had any wins through hard work and good luck this year or has Mercury been screwing things up?

*I don’t actually ascribe to the belief that the stars and planets control our destiny but whenever I find that NOTHING is going right I find out, without fail that “Mercury is in Retrograde”. Bastard seems to be in retrograde an awful lot over the last 18 months!



  1. Sonia Life Love Hiccups says:

    I am a big believer in trusting in the universe. Although from the outside it often looks like it has it all sooooo wrong, inevitably we end up where we are supposed to be. SO excited for you hun and cant wait to follow your adventures ahead xx

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