Authentic as Hell, Please

I went to a bloggy thing where I was lucky enough to listen to some well wise and experienced bloggers and PR people (and be named in the top 100 Kidspot Voices of 2015– can I get a “Hey-oh?”).

A buzz word being thrown around by nearly everyone was “authenticity” (and having an authentic voice) which in the context of working with brands and products means only working with those brands/products that are congruent with your voice and writing style so you don’t lose readers and the brand gets the value they deserve out of the transaction. Once a blogger loses the authenticity of their voice it can be impossible to get back.

There are a lot of bloggers getting it right these days and I am always delighted to read an honest product endorsement. I am now a confirmed fan of Sooky-Lah Saks after finding out about them through a giveaway on Rebel Without a Pause. As part of entering the giveaway you had to “like” the Facebook page and there I found out about the 20% off flash sale and bought some clearance saks for the kids…then I followed them on Instagram and saw some new collections being sold and fell in love with one and bought it through the IG post (just for me- mwahahahaha- it is an adorable set!). this worked for me as Rebel was authentically her in her post and the product suits me and mine to a tee. Even more remarkable is that anyone got any money out of me as I am what one calls a “careful shopper” (it takes ages for me to decide and even longer for me to purchase- getting money out of me is no mean feat!).

Kudos to any blogger getting this balance right- I salute you!

Authenticity is something I value highly out of the blogosphere too. Probably above most other qualities my fellow humans can have, excepting compassion, respect and kindness. I don’t mind if opinions differ as long as they are authentically “you”(with a smattering of social niceties on top if the authentic you is completely mean.) I can respect authenticity. We can do things differently to how the other does things and I won’t attack you for the difference, I promise.

As much as I love a bit of compassion and kindness and respect, not so much simpering, shallow niceness though. I love a bit of raw, genuine authenticity in what I read, when I socialise face to face and when I socialise online.

One of the great delights for me is seeing my children being authentically them, they are all such little characters and I would hate for them to lose this as they get older. They are so crazy and creative and passionate it brings me such joy (I can hear my younger son expressing authentically now…loudly… but I think I will leave this experience to their daddy who is in the room with them!)

One of the great things about meeting people face to face that I have met/stalked*/followed on the internet is that the barriers of pointless social nicety have been removed. We know a lot about each other, the rough edges have been on display so we can get right down to being friends and communicating authentically.

Do you love a bit unfettered of authenticity as much as I do, or do you prefer as bit more mystery?


*Not really stalking


  1. David Hawkins says:

    As soon as someone mentions authenticity I panic because I suddenly realise that I’m probably just sounding like every blogger I have ever read. All mashed into one really strange ball of fighting cats (often how my writing may sound when read out loud). But hey, maybe that’s what makes me authentic!
    Was awesome meeting you in personage Jessie and congrats again on being Top 100 awesome! Well earned and deserved!

    • Jessie says:

      I know JUST what you mean David but I don’t think you will ever sound like every blogger! It was great to meet you and I hope we bump into each other again at more of these dos!

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