Eyebrows and Other Things

I saw a comment on a Facebook page the other day about not being interested in parenting choices, that the assumption that we all love our children should be enough- that the topic of our individual choices was, frankly boring to the writer.

I understand the spirit in which it was meant but I did have a chuckle to myself as I had read a post from the same page recently that was all about the importance of eyebrows. I have to say I have zero interest in eyebrows. None. I have no eyebrow interest. They are just on my face and I ignore them for the most part but other people seem to find eyebrows very important which got me thinking about things of which I give no fucks.

It is OK to not care about everything, it keeps us all different and interesting to have diverse interests.
When it comes to parenting I really only have one bugbear- don’t tell kids that they have to eat. Give them a choice to eat or not eat but never force feed them or make them sit at the table until the food is gone. It is a sure-fire way to dis-empower a child who has hardly any power, will lead to unnecessary battles of will. Children will not starve. Don’t risk giving them issues around food that can lead to lifelong problems because you don’t think they are eating enough (obviously if your child has sensory issues, failure to thrive or an eating disorder you should see a dietitian or psychologist- but please don’t force the child to eat) I could (and probably will )write a whole post on my feelings about this at a later date.

But back on topic, there are parenting things I feel passionately about but would never try to bend someone to my way of thinking so on the one hand I do find it interesting to read and experience things about parenting approaches and differences but I guess I don’t want to discuss them endlessly either.

I think I have quite an extensive list of things that other people seem to love and I just don’t care about:

Sport. Any kind of sport. I just don’t care. I enjoy kicking a ball around with the kids or some poorly executed cricket in the backyard but when it comes to organised team sports or worse- spectating (!?) er watching… sports I really don’t get it.

Scrapbooking. Nup. I have no idea. People have tried to explain it to me. I must simply be the wrong personality type. I am quite boggled by it (above all other crafts, which I mostly don’t get either, I am not crafty!)

Game of Thrones. Meh. I watched two episodes, didn’t feel for any of the characters and even though I did get to see Jason Momoa’s bum I would rather re-watch Stargate Atlantis (yes I know it is the weakest of the franchise) and I don’t remember seeing his bum at all in that. I just couldn’t be bothered watching GOT. It was not a life enhancing experience for me!

Ankle boots. I don’t get them at all. They seem lacking in style but they seem all-pervasive so I am coming to the conclusion that it is me who lacks style. I am OK with that.

I know there are people out there who are equally baffled by things I do like, such as Instagram pictures of food and baby carriers and re-usable lunch wrappings and living frugally and treading lightly (fuck I sound boring!) but
I guess we don’t need to like the same things.

Just respect the fact we are all different!


  1. Maxabella says:

    My field is barren of fucks for any of that as well. Is an ankle boot a short boot? I like short boots, but I don’t give a fuck that they are now called ankle boots, unless ankle boots are actually shorter than short boots in which case why?

    Other things that I don’t get and I don’t even care are:

    Quilted parkas
    Sports bars and drinks
    Spending all day making random vignettes to take a photo of for Insta
    Green Coke
    Cultish food habits
    Being constantly ‘groomed’, like a horse with a handbag

    Of course, I could go on. x

    • Jessie says:

      Ah what a great list! Yes mostly the boots that are shorter than short boots. I can’t with quilted jackets either. They are basically a uniform here in Launceston and even though they may be lovely and warm I just… can’t.

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