Slowing Down, Yet Getting More Done.

I have spent today baking. I really missed baking when I wasn’t eating grains and when I was eating gluten-free. I missed putting my time into making nourishing and delicious food my family would eat, I missed being congratulated on the result, demands for more and the actual feel of glorious, stretchy glutinous dough in my hands.

I have had little dirt smeared people appearing in the kitchen enthusiastically wanting to “help” intermittently throughout the day as I have been baking (Only after a hand wash, thanks guys!).

I have gone out to see them as they have spent all day in the scruffy autumnal garden playing games with crab apples whilst the food bakes and I have loved this pace.

There is something about playing in the fallen leaves in the golden Autumnal light and baking that really makes me feel grounded and connected. Things are coming right. Things are slowing right down but in the slowness there are flashes of authenticity and anxiety and burnout are shifting away from us.

This is good.

This is progress.

This is a step towards contentment.

I always suspected contentment needed cake.






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