Reproductivity vs. Productivity

I was going to blog at least once a month.

It was on my list. Here is a shot of my list of things to do this year from the Leonie Dawson life and Biz book.

I was writing a list of hundred things to do this year.

Looks like I am achieving at least one.

(Spoiler- I can’t do a handstand yet)


We are having a baby!

This has given me absolutely horrendous morning sickness (the medication I was given made things worse) and for a few days I was on alert for dehydration but I am starting to emerge from the zombie like fog of extreme exhaustion and nausea I have been dwelling in for the last 6 weeks.

In this time I have eaten terrible food and not done any yoga because a) the food that is probably the most nutritious won’t stay down and hurling it up all the times was not fun. neither was preparing and cooking it and b) yoga has been making me motion sick! I feel that I am on the verge of coming out of this though and I have been hurling less and drinking more. More fluids, (not alcohol!)….fluids have been really hard to keep down.

I have studiously avoided studying.

I have watched lots of Star Trek and developed an unhealthy attraction to early Captain Kirk.


I have also been re-evaluating my goals. I still have some major entrepreneurial burnout. I want to reconnect with what is important- I want to grow my own food, hang with my kids, stare at the sky.

Normal programming will resume when I can keep my head out of the toilet!

In the meantime people, please be nice to each other.



  1. Sherri says:

    Congratulations Jessie! What lovely news. I hope the morning sickness passes very quickly.

    Hmmm, I bet I still have things on my 100 things to do list from my 2013 Leonie Dawson workbook that I haven’t done as yet.

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