Giving up For lent

How are you going with your  New Years revolutions? did you give anything up for Lent? I wouldn’t blame you if you had thought I had given up blogging for Lent- I have been having some technical troubles- normal (whatever that means) service should be resuming shortly. (heads up- sometimes “technical trouble” can mean I have had a big attack of CBF and have just been hanging out with my super cool kids instead of doing other productive things. In this case WordPress has been bugging out on me… and I have been hanging with my peeps.)

Late last year I hit “peak awareness” We all so damn aware of everything from Lupus to Domestic violence to an increasing number of obscure if completely worthy causes.

I am not going to debate whether the awareness achieves anything for the cause. I am not privy to that information but at one stage last year there were two causes claiming one week with another three attaching themselves to individual days. I WAS SO FUCKING AWARE OF EVERYTHING.

This year has brought more challenges than I can poke a stick at. Smaggle was doing five at one stage. Five. At once. Carly is some kind of challenging fool. No. That is not what I meant. I meant she is the challenge queen!

Between squat challenges, plank challenges, yoga challenges, I Quit Sugar/ Whole 30 Challenges (Oh and Feb Fast which is a sort of raising money for charity, worthy, choose your own adventure challenge!) I have now reached peak challenge.

I am not doing any of them. Because I am being gentle to myself after some pretty severe burnout last year and because currently challenges make me feel like a rebellious child who has a tantrum as soon as there is a rule and immediately breaks it. What is that about? the sight of an organised to-do list can send me into a whirling creative mass of Kate Bush style dancing because I feel my creativity is being oppressed and “Nyah you can’t make me, you’re not the boss of me!” despite the fact I am actually clearly the boss of me!

I suspect I need a little oppression or at least organisation because that does seem to be how creative people GET SHIT DONE. but I am going to be reserving it for good, worthy productive things and leave non-essential challenges by the way-side for now.

This isn’t strictly true. I am doing a 30 yoga challenge. Weeeeell, I am doing the Youtube videos in order. I am up to day four. I have been doing it for two weeks.

Are you good at challenges? Do you use them as a stick to beat yourself up or do they motivate you? Which sort do you like best?


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  1. Jenn says:

    You’re hillarious. We gave up spending for lent.
    I’ve never done lent before (not catholic), but we had pancakes for tea on the Tuesday night so I decided we may as well do a lenten challenge as well. Have my pancakes and eat them too, if you like.

    So aside from actual groceries, utilities and medical/vet bills, we had a spending freeze. No takeaway/eating out. No random purchases. No fixing the Hobies (sob) even though it meant to kayaking for a while. No new clothes. Nada.

    It was great! We saved about $1000 on food alone in the period, because a huge amount of our money goes to random eating out/takeaway purchases.

    I’m a bit of a challenge junkie I have to say. And I’m not really very good at repeating challenges. They only really work on the first time around.

    Glad you’re starting to feel better xx

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