On Seeking Contentment


I had another blog. For years I had another blog created on a whim and collecting random thoughts in my head. No direction- I didn’t even realise that blogs should have a theme.

It was called “The Dull Roar Philosophy” because I was trying to keep things down to a dull roar. With two, then three children-learning about business, making most of my food from scratch, going through periods of poverty, the global financial crisis in full swing, bouts of post-natal depression, trying to expand the business, renovate, keep the wolf from the door, near fatal illnesses, suddenly developing severe food intolerances and many more challenges besides…keeping things down to a dull roar was all I could aim for.

Someone asked me how on earth I hadn’t burned out yet. I couldn’t answer this. Shortly afterwards naturally things hit the wall and we (myself and my wonderful crazy husband) did just that, we burned out and my blog was left fallow.

In the months since this happened I have been busy looking for contentment and ways to bring it to others. I am now studying a Diploma of counselling with the intention of finishing as a psychologist further down the track.

I have changed the way I eat and had great results, I am working on an holistic stress control plan with exercise, food and mindfulness all playing parts. there is a lot of helpful stuff out there people, I want to help you navigate it! (but you do need to actually do it for it to help!)

The beautiful irony of having this blog sitting waiting for things to be perfect before I started it up is not lost on me so here we are.

No more struggles, no more perfection.

We see so many extremes through social media and traditional media. ambiguity and shades of grey don’t make great clickbait but but finding our own way is much more rewarding.

Let’s aim for contentment. Near as Dammit is near enough.

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