Little Changes, Big Differences

I follow some inspirational people on social media. There are cross-fitters and runners, cooks and entrepreneurs.

They bring colour and vibrance to my life and I love to see what they are doing as it shows me what humans can do with commitment and perseverance. BUT I didn’t necessarily want to be them. Admire them, yes but not take things to the extremes we see all the time. I do adopt little changes which are inspired by the gurus of health and lifestyle but I don’t beat myself up if I am not as ‘good’ as them.

Maybe one day the little changes will have compounded, snowballed to make me a champion cross-fitter eating only locally grown sugar-free foods with genius home-schooled children, or maybe not.

Maybe little changes selected from the wonderful buffet of information out there, which pay bigger dividends than you expect are enough.

I cut out wheat, felt better, then grains, better still, reduced sugar, (I started eating meat due to HUNGER and low energy, this  made such a wonderful difference!)  I increased my mindfulness in ordinary situations and do a little Yoga everyday. Smiling Mind mindfulness app only takes five minutes and you can download it for free- do it now!

Stress is subsiding and happiness is more often shining brightly than not. I didn’t do a whole life overhaul.

The changes were small and added in one at a time, flowing from one to another. Gently, kindly and in an achievable fashion.

Don’t feel bad you haven’t made changes. Just try something small you can fit with the way you live now

Overloading yourself will set you up for failure, don’t do that to yourself. You deserve better.

Run your own race.

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